Campus Life

Penn State DuBois enjoys student organizations, athletics, internship possibilities, and friends from places you may never have visited - or even heard of.  We are a community who pulls together to do great things in the classroom, community, and campus.  


students holding dance marathon cans

Student Affairs

Penn State DuBois offers over 26 student organizations, along with leadership opportunities, and out-of-class events to engage you in our diverse campus community.  

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Career Development

We connect you to internships, major-specific forums, Dining Etiquette program, Career Fair, along with many other programs to help you with your networking opportunities.

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Health and Wellness

Visit the Health & Wellness Center for basic health care, psychological services, and wellness programs throughout the semester.

PSUD Baseball


Penn State DuBois offers women's sports - Basketball, Cross Country, Volleyball, Co-Ed Golf, and Softball.  We also offer men's sports - Basketball, Cross Country, Wrestling, Co-Ed Golf, and Baseball.  Find more information on Penn State DuBois Athletics pages.

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Office of Student Engagement

The Office of Student Engagement provides co-curricular experiences to students at Penn State DuBois.  Co-curricular refers to the programs and activities that are offered outside of - but are connected to - the formal classroom experience.  These programs also help students make a better connection to the campus and university . . . and ultimately lead to stronger academic records and a greater sense of overall satisfaction with their university experience.